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Twice a year, we carries out interviews with our international airline customers to learn about their satisfaction with PACTL's services in Warehouse and Documentation.

The results of the last two surveys are displayed below:

(1=very unsatisfied / 2=unsatisfied /4=satisfied /5=very satisfied)


I1: Import goods breakdown
I2: Import goods delivery
I3: AWB delivery
I4: Filing system for customer
I5: Tracing
I6: Automatic SITA messaging
I7: Helpfulness
I8: Competence
I9: Politeness
I10: Others


E1: Goods acceptance
E2: Palletizing
E3: Hand-over time to G.H
E4: AWB acceptance
E5: Manifesting
E6: Dead Load Weight Statement
E7: FFM/UCM/SCM/others
E8: Tracing
E9: Helpfulness
E10: Competence
E11: Politeness
E12: Others


T1: Feedback of booking
T2: Handling time
T3: Information for customers
T4: Filing system for customers
T5: Tracing
T6: Helpfulness
T7: Competence
T8: Politeness
T9: Others


M1: Assitance provided o customer
M2: Claims/complains handling
M3: Inquiry feedback
M4: Flight schedule updates
M5: Helpfulness
M6: Competence
M7: Politeness
M8: Others

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